Sustainable framework

Sustainability is a core element of the Rodebjer identity and as a strategy deeply embedded, continuously evaluated and consequently updated to encourage resourcefulness within the whole organization.

“From growing up on a farm on the island of Gotland, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, I was brought up to be aware of the nature and the animals around me and I saw directly the impact life had on the surroundings. Responsibility and resourcefulness was general practice. Way before sustainability became the buzz word is today, we committed to a path of responsible design through well-crafted silhouettes, iconic prints and go-to staples that are conceived to be lasting in quality and style.” 

- Carin Rodebjer, Founder and Creative Director

Since day one, Rodebjer has committed itself to foster mindful consumption habits, presenting collections that are lasting in both quality and style. We are highly aware that sustainability improvement is an ongoing process that is never finished. Each and every part of the value chain is important and all steps, small to big, have an impact on our planet.

Sustainability vision 

The Rodebjer sustainability vision connects to the company mission:

‘Rodebjer makes fashion with wit, heart and conscious. A well-considered uniform respectful of women’s day-to-day existence and of the planet that she inhabits. Designs that can be worn today, tomorrow and far into the future.’

The Rodebjer sustainability vision:

‘Actively endeavor to achieve creativity, innovation and performance in a responsible and sustainable manner.’

The Rodebjer sustainability strategy framework is rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and divided into 5 areas of focus; people, product, planet, projects and progress. Our policies and guidelines are concretized by goals that are consequently evaluated and updated every year.