Europe is our biggest sourcing country with a current number of 55% of all our manufacturing and material suppliers. Other key sourcing countries include China, Peru and India. Rodebjer has a no-air policy of produced goods. From Asia and South America, Rodebjer priorities and plan for shipping with boat or train and from Europe by truck. Rodebjer operate shipping of goods to and from our warehouse in Borås, Sweden, with one main partner using intermodal solutions, joint loading and with a clear standard of achieving the highest degree of filling possible for each transport.


Rodebjer actively works to find better solutions for packaging and excess materials that are not compostable or recyclable. Additionally, we are removing as many polybags from our supply chain as possible. Where this is not possible we aim to have these polybags exchanged to a recycled material.

Surplus fabrics

We carefully plan and control our textile manufacturing, striving to avoid the issue of leftover fabrics. Any surplus fabrics left from production is either reused for coming collections or sent to our fabric reseller Rekotex. Rekotex ensures that surplus fabrics from production don’t end up as waste by reselling deadstock to a discounted price.

Office, store and warehouse practice

Rodebjer believes that the strive for sustainability needs to be actively implemented into each part of the organization. Hence, our stores, head office and warehouse therefore actively seek to minimize the environmental impact by encouraging best practice of energy use, waste management and recycling.