Materials policy

Rodebjer always seek to use materials that are durable and have a high quality to assure longevity of product. Additionally, sourcing the most sustainable options available on the market to lower our impact on the planet.

Most common fibers used are regenat fibers, cotton, wool, polyester, linen and silk, defined as Rodebjer key materials. For each key material, a short and long term goal has been set out to.

To actively source innovative materials that have less impact on the planet is an ongoing part of the Rodebjer production development process. Recycled, sustainable certified and organic materials are currently presented in a majority of our materials and new and better alternatives will be introduced as soon as they are commercially ready.

Animal welfare

Rodebjer believes that production of any materials of animal origin, leather, fur and wool, is to be done in a manner which pays respect to the lives and rights of the animal. Since day one, we have made an active choice to limit the usage of leather and fur in our collections. We strive to always offer vegan options for both garments and accessories. Rodebjer strive to use recycled wool as much as we possibly can and all our merino wool is mulesing free. All down products are recycled, 100% natural and chemical free.

Chemical compliances

All Rodebjer suppliers follow the legislation and mandatory regulations complied with European REACH standards.

Durability and care

To achieve a high quality level on our products ensuring longevity, we carefully test each garment at the Rodebjer HQ. Additionally, materials and products are being tested at an external test laboratory Intertek. Care for each garment is essential to us. Rodebjer care instructions are formed to support our customers with how to best take care of each garment to save environmental resources and extend garments life.

Partners and suppliers

In our strive for quality and longevity of products Rodebjer priorities and invests time in suppliers that share our same ambition and sustainable vision. Our carefully selected network of suppliers is located around the world, many of which we have worked with since the beginning of 2000. Europe is our biggest sourcing country with a current number of 55% of all our manufacturing and material suppliers. Here including Lithuania, Italy and Portugal as main production countries. Other key sourcing countries include China, Peru and India.

Rodebjer Revisited

Since day one, Rodebjer has committed itself to foster mindful consumption habits, presenting collections that are lasting in both quality and style. It means that garments are to have longevity and live over a long period of time, being re-sold and bought over and over again. Our store, Rodebjer Revisited, physically located in Stockholm and as a pop up online version, offers previous collections, archive pieces and unique samples.