Casting Director and car spotting enthusiast Evelien Joos

Multi-talented Evelien Joos is a casting director, art buyer, producer and one of the most serious non-serious people we know. Having spent the last 15 years in New York working within the fashion industry, she has now moved back to Brussels, operating the global agency Plus Three Two that she co-founded in 2020. 


On her social medias, Evelien is living out her car spotting enthusiasm, always in the search for wrongly parked cars and tires taking over the sidewalks. In the video and imagery below we asked Evelien to bring us with on her car spotting adventures on the streets of Brussels – and you are in for a treat!

#womeninrodebjer is our virtual home to all the voices that inspire us and that would like to share their story, any story, with us. Thank you Evelien for telling us your story!

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