Our supplier sourcing and management is linked closely to our sustainability mission. The past 2 years we have strategically shifted our supplier base into a larger share of European partners to be closer to our distribution channels - in turn, offering more environmentally friendly logistics.

By 2020 we were sourcing 40% from Europe, 54% from China and 6% other countries and by 2022 we are sourcing 64% from Europe, 35% from China and 1% from other countries. By using European over Asian suppliers when possible, we are able to secure shorter shipping routes for our goods. 


During 2021/22 we have completed a project to update all our product and e-commerce packaging to recycled and FSC certified materials. The shift to use primarily recycled paper envelope packaging and less boxes to ship to our e-commerce customers helps condense the size of each parcel sent, in turn reducing the amount of air within each shipment.

Within 2023/24 we will complete the last part of updating our product labelling into sustainable materials.

Production Optimization

With our suppliers we aim to use up left-over fabrics to prevent them from being waste - we either reuse fabrics for our upcoming collections or resell them.

We currently collaborate with the Swedish company Rekotex that sells deadstock fabrics through a B2B portal to be made into new products. 

Our collective mindset is to reduce, reuse and recycle to optimize the life and afterlife of the product.

Office, store and warehouse practice

Rodebjer believes that the strive for sustainability needs to be actively implemented into each part of the organization. Hence, our stores, head office and warehouse therefore actively seek to minimize the environmental impact by encouraging best practice of energy use, waste management and recycling.