The women of Rodebjer

A conversation between Carin Rodebjer, founder and creative director, and Evelien Joos, casting director, about the process of casting the women for Rodebjer Fall Winter campaign 2021.

Carin: For me, and why I started Rodebjer, it has always been about celebrating women. I mean any kind of woman. If you are shy, be your shy authentic self. Or if you are outspoken, or whatever you happen to be. It is all about having the confidence to be what you are, whatever that might be. That is what I always look for and keep coming back to. 

Evelien: I also feel that you’re not scared to show different ages, but still without exaggerating in any way. The ages are just fluid. You don’t give the Rodebjer woman an age, confidence is her age. 

Carin: I love the sentence ‘the Rodebjer woman is mature without being old, and youthful without being young’. I mean I never think of age when I meet people. It is their mind and soul you get attracted to. 

Carin: We always say that Rodebjer is about unapologetic womanhood, which I think can be seen in the casting as well. For the women to be whatever they are in a way. We are so used to be put into boxes or being labeled, and I have always disliked that.

Our personalities are fluid and being authentic makes everything easier and more fun. When I cast models it is of course based on their looks but also a lot of who they seem to be. I never dress models, I dress women for campaigns as well as for real life. Nora, Eeva and Rouguy are especially amazing women and it was a blast to hang out with them for a few days. Meet Nora, Eeva and Rouguy.

#womeninrodebjer is our virtual home to all the voices that inspire us and that would like to share their story, any story, with us. Thank you, Nora, Eeva and Rouguy for being part of our story, and Carin and Evelien, for telling us your thoughts!