Sarah Neutkens is a Dutch composer, model, artist and writer and an all-round creative soul, who writes her music inspired by openness and freedom - whether found in spaces, situations or people. We had the opportunity to delve a little deeper and find out more about Sarah’s creative process and what inspires her the most through conversation and a playlist curated for Rodebjer featuring “an eclectic mix of power women” as she put it.

– Does working in different creative mediums help you with your composing process?

It definitely does: I’m terribly bad at just sticking with writing music! Working in different creative mediums helps me to keep as much freedom as possible. If I allow myself to look beyond any horizon, any obstruction, any rule or boundary, I know my music will be free and open, too. 

– What do you find the most inspiring?

What I find the most inspiring is trying to completely let go of rational thinking and rules in writing and creating: seeking total openness. Very often it’s also freedom and openness in for example people, situations and spaces that inspire me.

– Do you have a preferred way to express yourself? Is it through music, art, fashion etc?

Luckily I don’t! All ways of expression are possible, it’s just that sometimes the creative idea asks for a specific kind of medium. For me, sometimes that means writing a novel, other times it means composing a string quartet or a symphony, sometimes it’s painting, fashion, modelling or even a good conversation with someone: creativity is utterly limitless.

– What’s the most fascinating and inspiring aspect of your work?

Getting to know yourself (and realising that you will never truly figure yourself out) and getting to know other people, sharing lives and work. And, perhaps most importantly: never losing the ability to wonder and to be curious, to seek mystery, to be mystified and bewildered by life like a child.

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