As part of the Spring Summer 2021 collection, Rodebjer launches a sustainable swimwear collaboration together with New York based brand Nu Swim. The two companies are female founded and led with a joint philosophy rooted in human and environmental values. The collaboration includes 10 pieces made from recycled ocean waste, such as fishing nets and carpet fluff, and manufactured in New York City. 

We asked Carin Rodebjer, founder and Creative Director Rodebjer, and Gina Esposito, founder Nu Swim, to share the story of the unexpected meaning of the collection print featuring jellyfishes. 


Gina: It all started when I moved back to NYC and met my new landlord. She’s this amazing artist who is fascinated by earth and sustainability and is merging her art with sustainability practices. One thing she told me about was this idea of eating jellyfish because of the omega 3 health benefits but also since it’s a renewable resource so it doesn’t endanger the species. I got really fascinated of that idea especially with that whole world of wellness just becoming so huge. She was basically trying to start a jellyfish jerky company.

Carin: The whole idea is so interesting, I remember telling my team about this and they also got super inspired. I actually read the other day that it’s more often the businesses, rather than the politicians, leading the way in the right direction when it comes to the environment and being invested in trying to make better sustainable choices which is amazing. It’s these kinds of initiatives that inspire me in my everyday life and in my work.

Gina: Yes, and I think why this feels interesting is because of the connection to the way we all work to minimize our footprints, for example the garment bags we include with the swimwear are made from sugarcanes which is also a very renewable source so nothing we will run out of.

Carin: That’s why I love the collection print. The pieces are made from recycled ocean waste and inspired by the idea of the jellyfishes – it’s kind of a full circle. But I also got intrigued by the idea of the ocean and all the life that is in there that we hardly ever see. And the jellyfish in itself is such a beautiful and powerful creature. 

Gina: It really is, it’s powerful and scary and beautiful and delicate. 

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