Doum For Women

Through social and solidarity entrepreneurship we teamed up with Doum collective, a rural cooperative of artisan women from Marrakech, to create handmade macrame bags - each unique in style and appearance. 

Bringing together more than 200 women, Doum for Women is a women's artisan cooperative whose mission is to integrate rural women from the municipality of Oulad Hassoune, Marrakech. The main goal is to help these women to be financially independent by providing them with a stable income within an ideal work environment and to give their young children an educational space.

The remarkable craftsmanship of these women is passed from mother to daughter. All items are woven by hand using natural fibers such as 'doum', 'raffia' or 'kenba'.

In rural Morocco, women play a key role in the development of their ‘douar’ and in improving the living conditions of their families. The creation of the Doum cooperative responds to a well-defined social need : help these women in precarious situations by giving them the means to provide for their needs through a noble and lasting work within an ideal work environment.

Since the creation of Doum cooperative, many women have come to seek a source of income to improve their living conditions and those of their families.Today, the collective is helping these women and their children to ensure a stable income and thus improve their living conditions significantly.

#womeninrodebjer is our virtual home to all the voices that inspire us and that would like to share their story, any story, with us. Thank you Doum for telling us your story!