Letter from Carin Rodebjer

To serve women was always my dream. I wanted to elevate reality by being practical and visionary at the same time which led to the optimistic down-to-earth style that has been our signum from the start. A style that encourages skyward ambition, practical and visionary in equal measure and that meets modern women in the boardroom, bedroom and beyond. 

The Rodebjer woman rises to many roles – mother, lover, wife, partner, friend, daughter. Therefore, she needs a wardrobe that inspires her to be her best self in any given situation. A wardrobe that is practical yet modern, relevant and lasting.

From growing up on a farm on the island of Gotland, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, I was brought up to be aware of the nature and the animals around me and I saw directly the impact life had on the surroundings. Responsibility and resourcefulness were general practice. Way before sustainability became the buzz word it is today, we committed to a path of responsible design through well-crafted silhouettes, iconic prints and go-to staples that are conceived to be lasting in quality and style.

We still have a long way to go. As of now, we are ethically vigilant in terms of factory practices and internal policies. We are continually exploring alternative material choices and as new technologies emerge, we remain a brand in progress, evolving with the innovations at hand and constantly challenging ourselves to rise towards sustainable progress in these ever-significant global times. 

My mission is to serve women with beauty and hope in addition to a well-considered uniform respectful of women’s day-to-day existence and of the planet that she inhabits. Designs to be worn today, tomorrow and far into the future.