Introducing Daniela Kocianova

Czech born model Daniela Kocianova takes us on a visual tour of London, the city she calls home, and shares some of her favourite places to visit in her down time to unleash her creativeness further and what motivates her the most about working in the fashion industry.

We would love to know more about you and be able to tell your story. Could you let us know a little about your interests and what you do whilst you’re not working and in your down time?

– I’m a busy girl. I love to swim, run and work out for the butt-building benefits haha! I also enjoy pottery classes with my bestie at Mud Gang in London. It’s a really fun experience especially while drinking natural wine! I also enjoy sketching and doing screen printing on occasion if time permits it.

Was there something specific about Rodebjer that stood out to you?

– What I love about Rodebjer is that it’s an empowering clothing line designed by women for other empowered women. The clothes are made of high-quality materials that feel great on skin and have cuts and shapes to make you look beautiful without trying too hard.

What is important to you when you get dressed for your everyday?

– I love that I can express myself through my clothing. Whether it be a day at the pool or going out with friends, clothes have so much power. They tell so much about how we are feeling inside! Sometimes on those days where everything seems wrong (ladies, I am talking about period time), putting an extra effort into what I wear makes my day a bit brighter.

Are there certain elements of working in fashion that motivate and excite you?

– One of the best parts about being in fashion is meeting all the creative people. They’re so hard working and driven to succeed it really motivates me as well! And there is always something new happening with the clothing as it evolves every single year, when techniques and technology advance.  

What are your favourite spots in London?

– For me the best place to hang out in London is The Odds in Peckham. It’s where I meet so many creative and cool people while enjoying vegan food! My favourite spot for art is White Cube because they represent some of my favourite artists like Andreas Gursky, Isamu Noguchi and Danh Vo. If it’s shopping time then Dover Street Market will be my go-to.

Daniela's selected pieces

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