Artisan cheese activist Clara Diez

Clara Diez is an artisan cheese activist, with the mission to bring together a selection of excellent cheeses that buyers can be sure champion ethical practices, taking into consideration all elements that go into making it artisanal: from the livestock feeding methods, the handling and care in the production processes, to the commitment to generate a positive impact on the environment. Together with her husband she has founded Formaje, a ”temple of cheese” in her own words. In the video and below we asked Clara to tell us more about how she started working with cheese, being a woman in a male dominated industry, her connection to nature and much more.

”When I started working with cheese I was just 21 years old. Working with artisans from all over the world and selling their cheeses has become my way of life and a daily learning pathway. It keeps me connected to nature in my day-by-day.”

”When people ask me where it all comes from, I always tell them about my origins, about the place where I grew up and where my roots are. I was raised in the countryside where my family belongs. Being surrounded by nature was a constant when I was a child and I feel gifted because of it. I guess that’s why, in some way, I’ve always been connected to rural environments and its life and its activities.”

”There are definitely more men than women in cheese and until a few years ago it was quite an aged industry. So I think that one of the things that makes Formaje unique is the fact that it re-interprets a traditionally male industry from the eyes of a woman, bringing a new, more refined perspective on artisan cheese. A perspective that had never probably been explored before. I think that the amazing capacity we have as women, we are able to find new meanings and new perspectives. We are creators by nature.”

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