Introducing Arvida Byström

Arvida Byström is one of the most exciting artists of our generation, self-described as a an artist and photographer that "explores femininities and its complexities”. Unapologetically herself - we asked her a few questions as she shot the Rodebjer 2021 Christmas campaign.

How is it to be on both sides of the camera, do you prefer to be observed or to observe?

– When I shoot photos these days it is more often of myself or still lives, so I am the photographer but still "observing" myself. I like being photographed by others though because I personally am not the kind of photographer that likes to constantly be producing, and by being in front of somebody else's lens I am able study them – in turn making me a better photographer.

I hear you have moved back to Sweden after living LA and London – Each city is so different, it would be great to know how these cities have helped you grow?

– London was the first city I lived in as a grown up. It is very eclectic and has a kind of commercialized punk vibe, which for me was really great and inspiring as there was a very do-it-yourself approach to art and photography.

Then I moved to Los Angeles which feels like a very made-up place. The heat, always being in a car, all the nature and sceneries look as if they have been taken straight from the movies, especially as so many are filmed across the city. Such a strange place, but I honestly love Los Angeles!

How do you conquer challenges?

– If something seems big and overwhelming, I always try to make sure the rest of my life feels easy and smooth. Then whatever thing is hard will feel easier.

What is most important in life according to you?

– I often think about a conversation my gallerist and I had when we started working together. She asked me where I wanted to be in 5 years, and I said that I had no clue, and her advice was something along the lines of: Well, if you don't know where you want to be work wise, then try to figure out what life you want in five years and create your career so that it aligns to that.

Basically, I think that it is good to keep in mind, that art or a career is not everything, it has to fit the life you want outside of success, it has to fit into an everyday you enjoy living.

Arvida's selected pieces

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