The Rodebjer Pre Fall 2017 collection is based on a profound fascination for wilderness and a tribute to the uncompromising passion and curiosity of primatologist Jane Goodall.

In honor of Goodall's unbeatable fight for her beliefs, we portrayed a number of Scandinavian women with the same drive, who reflected over their own calling, passion and curiosity with reference to Goodall's famous quote:

"If you really want something, you have to be prepared to work very hard. Take advantage of opportunity, and above all, never give up.”


Iben Akerlie
My name is Iben Akerlie, and my age is 29. My job is to live out my dreams and create a life I can be proud of.

What would you do if you did not have the job you have today?
I'm a special educations teacher, so probably something within that field.

Have you always had a drive?
No, quite late in life, I learned to go from passive to active, in the sense that I for a long time thought that life was something that happened to me, more than something I could decide over and shape. I have always been very independent in attitude and my strong will, however not as much in action, I have learned that the last couple of years.

What is your source of inspiration and energy?
Friends. People. I can be quite selective and reluctant, but I love when I meet people who offer their own life story and experience, and especially when it is interesting. Every day, I like the humor and the absurdness found and discovered around me in quite generic situations.

Iben Akerlie

When do you think it's time to give up on something?
There is never a right time to give up, but there may come a time when it is better to redefine yourself and the situation if it seems stagnant. One rarely goes from a situation, without learning anything. I think if you leave a project because it is not going anywhere, you have at least learned something in the process.

Have you ever felt that you are trying to achieve something for someone else's expectations or opinion?
It would be difficult to answer no to that question, because every day and every project has some form of expectation, smaller or larger, which you want to meet, while constantly experiencing being underestimated. I expect a lot of myself, and I think that's a big and important driving force.

Iben is wearing Camisole Deeta and Pant Nola Jaquard in the image above.

Photo: Märta Thisner/ Bad Land