Code of conduct 

In accordance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN convention of Children’s Rights and the ILO conventions, are the foundation of the Rodebjer Code of Conduct, and is to set the standard for the work environment of all of our employees, suppliers and partners.

Partners and suppliers 

Rodebjer prioritize partners and suppliers with a responsible strategy and that share our sustainable vision to achieve creativity, innovation and performance in a sustainable manner. Our carefully selected network of suppliers is located around the world, a range of skilled expertise that share our values.

Model welfare 

Rodebjer cast women with character; confident, grounded and visionary, and who relate to the Rodebjer state of mind. We have signed the Fashion Ethical Charter to ensure that all models are treated with dignity and respect by regulating on health checks, wages and age.

Diversity and inclusion 

Rodebjer remains inspired by counterculture and human rights movements with a philosophy rooted in feminist and environmental values, and above all by passionate people with strong ideals and the courage to live by their own rules. Rodebjer works to prevent that any form of difference in treatment or discrimination exists within the company.