Rodebjer + Swedish Stockings

Rodebjer and Swedish Stockings join forces in a collaboration which represents the joint values of both brands. Both female founded and rooted in environmental values, Rodebjer and Swedish Stockings endeavor to create timeless pieces that can be worn today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Made from recycled materials, the exclusive collection of vibrant stockings and tops feature Rodebjer’s signature prints and Swedish Stockings’ innovative design and sustainable production.

“It’s always refreshing and encouraging to have the opportunity to partner with brands which share our ambition and long-term vision. Swedish Stockings’ approach to circular fashion is inspiring, Linn and her team’s curiosity and unique way of tackling sustainability is full of optimism for the future of fashion - making this collaboration effortless and filled with excitement for us at Rodebjer.

Through this collection we revel in our love for prints through bright and energetic graphics that we hope will encourage individuals to be themselves in their everyday life. This collaboration is a celebration of individuals who use fashion expressively and consume it consciously”

– Carin Rodebjer, Creative Director and Founder of Rodebjer

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