The Rodebjer Pre Fall 2017 collection is based on a profound fascination for wilderness and a tribute to the uncompromising passion and curiosity of primatologist Jane Goodall.

In honor of Goodall's unbeatable fight for her beliefs, we portrayed a number of Scandinavian women with the same drive, who reflected over their own calling, passion and curiosity with reference to Goodall's famous quote:

"If you really want something, you have to be prepared to work very hard. Take advantage of opportunity, and above all, never give up.”


Nina Bruun
My name is Nina Bruun, and my age is 33. My job is to challenge the conventional perception of beauty in every form.

What is your ambition with your work-life?
My main ambition is to be happy with what I do. Work takes up so many of my awaken hours, so I have to be happy and feel satisfied. Besides that, I love to challenge myself and always move forward, get wiser, improve myself and to create meaningful beauty.

In what parts of your work do you find value and validation?
I find value in the process of creating. I love to see a product or concept come to life. I wouldn't say that it surprises me but I do get surprised over just how satisfying it is when a project comes together and I start to see the final result. It's like sprouting a seed and you finally get to see the flower...

What is your vision?
I aim to always develop and move forward. I fade like a flower if I don't learn, it is a super important part of my wellbeing. I crave knowledge. I have always used the saying; “You need a goal to score”, something that the coach for the national Danish soccer team used to say, so I always have a goal or a list of companies I aim to work with in the future. Goals are important.

Are there any sacrifices?
Absolutely! My job is my hobby and my hobby is my work, which means I work quite a lot. I am practicing being better at prioritizing and create space in my calendar which is only for family, friends and me-time.

Nina Bruun

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere. I honestly feel like the source of inspiration can be anything. It can be a moldy piece of fruit that evolves into a multi colored unidentifiable object. But more traditional sources like art, fashion, nature, photography, will do too.

How do you take advantage of opportunities in your life and career?
I really try to grab all the chances and opportunities I meet in my life. I love meeting people and connect. New people often means new energy, inspiration and often good opportunities.

When is it time to give up?
Never give up! If you give up, you don't want it enough.

Has it always been important for you to have a career?
Yes, I believe so, I have always wanted to create and to have a career. I respect people who go to work and leave the work behind them when they go home, but that is simply not possible for me. As stated earlier my job is my hobby and the other way around and that means that I don't always see what I do as work.

Have you ever felt that you are trying to accomplish tasks because of other people’s expectations?
No, I don't believe so, but it's a hard question as I work with a lot of different clients that have their own opinions and wishes that will affect the way I work and the end result. I do always have my heart and limits with me though, if that makes sense.

Nina is wearing Coat Butler Wool, fuchsia in the image above.

Photo: Märta Thisner/ Bad Land