The Rodebjer Pre Fall 2017 collection is based on a profound fascination for wilderness and a tribute to the uncompromising passion and curiosity of primatologist Jane Goodall.

In honor of Goodall's unbeatable fight for her beliefs, we portrayed a number of Scandinavian women with the same drive, who reflected over their own calling, passion and curiosity with reference to Goodall's famous quote:

"If you really want something, you have to be prepared to work very hard. Take advantage of opportunity, and above all, never give up.”


Malin Fezehai
My name is Malin Fezehai, and my age is 33. My job is to tell stories with images.

What is your ambition with your work life?
My ambition is to use visual storytelling as a vehicle to promote understanding.

What would you be without your job?
I would be a psychologist, because I like listening to people’s stories.

Do you ever feel that other define you based on your profession?
Most people have a hard time believing I am a photographer, because I don’t look like the “norm” in my industry, but that’s fine, because I try not to reflect too much on how people perceive me.

Malin Fezehai

Has your drive changed during your lifetime?
What drives me is learning about people’s different perspectives all over the world— to understand the world we live in and to connect. I was always restless as a child and I knew that I wanted to travel from a very young age. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel for work. What has changed is probably my naïve perception of what this kind of life means in reality and coming to terms with how solitary it can be. I used to want to be by myself and travel on my own, but nowadays I find myself seeking out people to collaborate with and making an effort to meet up with friends in various countries. It’s just become a less solitary path.

What are your sources of energy and inspiration?
My friendships are very important to me. I have several “long-distance friendships” all over the world with people who are doing inspiring, important work. I try to surround myself with people how are curious, driven and have a good sense of humor— because laughter is the antidote for a hard day's work.

What is your calling?
To share stories, and to increase empathy and awareness around the lives of people in less documented parts of the world.

Have your ever passed on an opportunity? Did you regret it?
That’s like a never-ending question and I don’t think there is one answer for that. I believe it comes down to making a choice and committing to it. Like is this worth pursuing to the end? Or is it better to walk away? It’s important to know yourself, what works for you and what doesn’t. I try not to regret my decisions. However, I certainly made mistakes in life, but you respect your mistakes by learning from them and not repeating them. That's how you grow as a person.

Have you ever felt that you are trying to accomplish tasks because of other people’s opinions?
No never, but I do sometimes tell people of things I want to do so I will hold myself to doing them, as kind of a trick to make myself accountable.

Malin is wearing Dress Manda, light safari in the image above.

Photo: Märta Thisner/ Bad Land