Emblazoned with Carl Johan De Geer’s ‘Rendezvous’ print, a maximalist sensibility unfurls across a series of capacious cotton volumes, tactile knitwear, and iconic Rodebjer silhouettes to define the capsule.

First created in the early 1960s, the graphic print – one of the famed Swedish artist’s most emblematic works – is reimagined for the capsule, harnessing Rodebjer’s longstanding connection to the arts.

“I began this collection with a question; what if minimalism hadn’t become the aesthetic paradigm in Sweden? What if, instead, we continued on the journey of loud, colorful, unshrinking expression? This capsule is a tribute to the vast and eccentric body of work of Carl Johan De Geer and the energy and zest of 1970s Sweden – reinterpreted for the Rodebjer strict hippie.” 

– Creative Director and founder Carin Rodebjer

About Carl Johan De Geer

Born in 1938 to one of Sweden’s most powerful aristocratic families, Carl Johan De Geer rejected a life of upper-class privilege and absconded to build a new existence as an underground artist. A rebel at his core and a singular character, De Geer has, over the span of his lifetime, maintained a provocative and spontaneous disposition throughout his multi-hyphenate artistic career. Adopting a polymathic approach to the arts, De Geer’s works span across paintings, graphic design, film, writing, photography, to name but a few.