Carin Rodebjer started Rodebjer in New York, inspired by the city’s courage, humor and sense of escapism. One woman that embodies all that is the brooklyn-resident Marjon Carlos; the editor and journalist behind the instagram series 'your favorite auntie'.

– What are your thoughts and feelings about New York?

New York, it’s a hell of a town, and I have a lot of love for it, I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and it’s still one of the most inspiring, motivating, competitive, exhilarating places that I’ve ever been to and I’m just a proud New Yorker.

– What’s your favorite spot in New York?

My favorite place in New York is Riis Beach, people don’t really think about beaches in New York, but it’s a really great place to escape and just feel like you´re totally away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

– Where in New York do you go to feel inspired?

I get the most inspired on the subway, there is no better place to people watch and to be alone with your thoughts and just focus in on something and learn something or see something new.

– What was the most exciting part of launching ‘Your Favorite Auntie’? Was it an idea you had brewing? 

The most exciting part of launching Your Favorite Auntie, was the forming of community. I have really felt isolated and alone and it was wonderful to be able to check in with people every week and meet new friends and just see the type of impact you can make in real time. That was wonderful. Your Favorite Auntie was an idea that I've been thinking about for years now and we were in quarantine so I just did it and that was really exciting - not having any distractions or any hesitations about it just going for it.


 – Is there one piece of advice you’ve been given and try to pass on through ‘Your Favorite Auntie’?

Allow yourself grace. We´re all trying to make it through the day especially right now, so I’m just trying to tell people not to be so hard on yourselves, to go at your own pace and to definitely give yourself your own credit because I don’t think we do that enough, and as I’m telling people to do that, I'm trying to live that as well.

– What is important to you when you get dressed for the day, for a special occasion, for life?

I think now it’s all about impact and having fun and stepping out, dressing up, and just going for it because I’ve been in sweatpants for 18 months, so I haven’t been expressive with my clothing and now, I just want to have fun, dress up and feel more like myself again!

– If you’re having an off day... do you have anything specific you do to empower yourself?

When I´m not feeling super confident, I like to watch documentaries of women who have led the way and have blazed trails - It’s always super inspiring! And you know, it never hurts to put on a little Beyonce.

– What do you believe lies in the future of fashion?

I see it as us moving towards less gatekeeping, just getting rid of the old guard and really bringing in other voices, younger voices, those who are marginalized and unseen, and really listening to them and having them take the lead. I also see a lot of exuberance happening in fashion, wanting to get excited about getting dressed up again and feeling more like ourselves.

I also believe that we need to be more intentional about what we wear, we don’t have to have every single piece but rather buy something that is really special and we know we’re going to have for many years. Not only is that a more meaningful approach to shopping but it is a sustainable approach as well.

Marjon’s selected pieces

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