Vera Vitali

In the editorial collaborative project Portraits Carin Rodebjer aims to illustrate the driving force that Rodebjer is built upon. Unapologetic womanhood through the stories of inspiring women has always been the fuel of inspiration and Portraits aim to convey the power of women she is inspired by today.

Stockholm, January 2023

Vera Vitali is a Swedish actress. Daughter of costume designer Kersti Vitali and actor Leon Vitali, best known for his work as Stanley Kubrick’s right hand, Vera would from a young age accompany her father to the sets of some of the most iconic movie productions. After studying theatre in both Stockholm and New York, Vera made her acting debut in 2008 in the critically acclaimed and Palme d’Or winner Ruben Östlund’s movie Involuntary. Since, Vera has risen to become one of Sweden’s most prominent and loved actresses in both television and on the big screen. 

“Vera is sharp, and she has a remarkable sense of humor. What I love is that she sees all the absurdities of different interactions and situations, and she brings that knowledge into her work and everyday life. Wit and depth in a brilliant combination”

– Carin Rodebjer

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