The Rodebjer Pre Fall 2017 collection is based on a profound fascination for wilderness and a tribute to the uncompromising passion and curiosity of primatologist Jane Goodall.

In honor of Goodall's unbeatable fight for her beliefs, we portrayed a number of Scandinavian women with the same drive, who reflected over their own calling, passion and curiosity with reference to Goodall's famous quote:

"If you really want something, you have to be prepared to work very hard. Take advantage of opportunity, and above all, never give up.”


Laerke Herthoni
My name is Laerke Herthoni, and my age is 28. My job is to create stories that evoke emotions.

What is your ambition with your work-life?
My ambition has always been to surpass myself every time I do a film. Do it better, work hard and never give up. There’s only one way and that’s the hard way.

In what parts of your work do you find value and validation?
Going into details is something I really love. In the beginning, I was more reliant on the rock’n’roll documentary way of shooting. The “take it as it comes” way where your emotions drive you during the shoot. As I evolved more I was surprised by the need of thoroughness – that’s necessary for me to be able to enjoy my work. The more detailed I am in the process before shooting, the better end result in front of the camera.

Laerke Herthoni

What drives you?
My own ambition and passion for film drives me through it all. I guess there was a time where the need to show others that I was capable of directing (or being a director) was a driving force. Today, that has passed and now I have a different view point on life. I thrive from those challenges and see them as opportunities for growth and development. 

How do you take advantage of opportunities in life and in your career?
I don’t believe in luck or things turning out in your favor purely by outside circumstances. I believe in hard work first and opportunities that come because of it. The hard work always pays of and is rewarding in life and in your career. 

Has it always been important for you to have a career?
Having a career and being in control of it has always been a mission since I was a kid. I don’t believe that’s the right thing for every human and to be honest the investments and sacrifices that I’ve had to make have been extremely hard at times. Though it’s been worth it and as a woman I am happy to live in a part of the world where I can take the space and build the career that I want.

Laerke is wearing Dress Lamilia in the image above.

Photo: Märta Thisner/ Bad Land